Driver Testing

New Applicant Test Instructions

  1. Applicants must present with their current Nevada Drivers License.

  2. Applicants must have had their fingerprints submitted and form TA322 filled out completely. (as of Sept 1, 2023)

  3. Taxicab driver permit application MUST be filled out completely before the applicant can begin testing.

  4. Applicants will only be permitted to take the driver test a maximum of two (2) times in one day or four (2) times in any seven day period.

  5. Testing is available to applicants Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 3:00pm (Hours may be adjusted due to computer, staff, and time constraints).

  6. Paper tests are only available and if the computer system is unavailable.

  7. Applicants CANNOT leave the test area once their test has begun.

  8. The test that is administered by the Taxicab Authority to all prospective drivers is designed to ensure that the applicant has basic knowledge of NRS 706.881 to NRS 706.885, NAC 706.450 to NAC 706.9918, and basic traffic laws in Nevada. The test also allows the Taxicab Authority to ensure compliance with NRS 706.8841(1)(b)(2) (“proof that the applicant… can read and orally communicate in the English language”). 

  9. Taxicab Authority administrative staff personnel are not permitted to discuss test content with applicants, they are only permitted to inform applicants of whether or not the applicant passed or failed the test.

  10. The test consists of twenty (20) multiple choice questions. To pass the test, the applicant may have no more than five (5) incorrect answers. The applicants will take the test on a Taxicab Authority computer. Applicants will be given only thirty (30) minutes in which to complete the test, at which time the computer will stop the test and notify the applicant that the time limit has been reached. Once the test has been started, it will not be stopped or restarted. If the applicant demands that the test be stopped before all questions are answered, or before the time limit expires, the applicant will FAIL that particular test.

  11. The thirty (30) minute test timer begins when the applicant clicks on the START icon.

  12. The following items are NOT permitted in the testing area: Laptop or a portable/ handheld computer, any device that contains a QWERTY (typewriter-style) keypad, electronic writing pad, pen-input/stylus-driven device. Cell phones and pagers/beepers, and all other electronic devices must be turned OFF!!!

  13. No dictionaries, scrap paper, or other materials are permitted to be brought into the testing area by the applicant.

  14. If it is discovered that the applicant engages in inappropriate behavior, the applicant will automatically fail that test, and could be refused a permit depending on the offense. If an applicant is caught cheating, the applicant will not be allowed to re-test for one month.  The following may be considered examples that constitute cheating or inappropriate behavior; this list is not replete or comprehensive. To wit:
    1. Asking for help from or talking to another applicant after the test has begun.
    2. Using materials for the test that were not given to the applicant by Taxicab Authority personnel.
    3. Looking at another applicant’s test station to answer questions on their test.
    4. Not following the proctor’s instructions.
    5. Taking pictures of the test.

Final determination to issue a permit to drive a taxicab in Clark County Nevada ultimately rests with the Nevada Taxicab Authority Administrator as codified in NRS 706.8841.