Lost Property Report Online Form 

The completion of this form will document the loss of personal property in a taxicab subject to the jurisdiction of the Nevada Taxicab Authority.  In accordance with NAC 706.551, "each driver shall conduct a search of the interior of his taxicab at the termination of each trip".

Name of Person Owning Property:

Street:   Suite: 
City:  State:   Zipcode: 
Telephone:   Email: 

Taxi Information: 

Pickup Location:  Destination: 
Date of Trip:  Time of Trip: 
Describe Taxicab (Company, make, model, color, type of vehicle, cab number, license plate, etc.)  Also provide a physical description of the taxicab driver (include driver's name & permit number, if known).

Reporting Person Information (This is not Public Information):

Person making report (if different from owner):
Name:   Contact phone:  
City:  State:   Zipcode: 




Qty Description of Lost Property (Include Model, Brand, Color & Serial Nos. if known) Value




Describe what happened, who you talked to about the lost property; include where property was left in taxicab, date & time when you discovered the property was missing, etc.