Compliance/Enforcement Investigators

Compliance/Enforcement Investigators perform investigative and enforcement functions to monitor compliance and enforce violations of State and/or federal laws, rules or regulations as it pertains to the Nevada taxicab industry.  The investigative/enforcement process is initiated following a formal complaint, suspected violation or while conducting routine patrol, inspections, or surveillance activities utilizing standard investigative and enforcement techniques. 

Receive and review formal complaints and make determinations regarding possible regulatory violations, criminal activity and jurisdiction within specified program area; gather and analyze background information and facts pertaining to the complaint. 

Conduct routine patrol to detect violations of State and federal laws, rules and regulations.  Enforcement actions involve verbal or written warnings, issuing citations, arrest, mechanical repair orders, and/or placing vehicle out-of-service pending repairs.  Enforcement action is determined at the investigator's discretion, consistent with appropriate laws, rules, regulations, policy and procedure.   

Conduct interviews with complainants, witnesses, employers, suspects, State and local governmental agencies and other sources to obtain information regarding violations or noncompliance; develop leads and facts pertaining to case to prove a violation or criminal activity exists. 

Develop case files and maintain case logs and reports; place evidence in case file along with chronological documentation regarding investigative steps taken and all contact made with complainant, respondent, witness and other sources; develop final case reports and further criminal prosecution. 

Perform surveillance and/or covert activities by visually observing and recording information, taking photographs, and/or requesting services to gather facts, evidence or develop leads.