Administrative Hearing Officer

In accordance with NRS 706.8822, the Taxicab Authority Administrator shall conduct administrative hearings and make final decisions, subject to appeal by any aggrieved party to the Taxicab Authority, in the following matters:

  • Any violation relating to the issuance of or transfer of license plates for motor carrier required by either the Taxicab Authority or the Department of Motor Vehicles; 
  • Complaints against certificate holders; 
  • Complaints against taxicab drivers; 
  • Applications for, or suspension or revocation of, drivers’ permits which be required by the Administrator; and 
  • Imposition of monetary penalties

As empowered by NRS 706.8821(2)(b), the Administrator has elected to delegate the duties of Hearing Officer for the Taxicab Authority Administrative Court. The Administrative Hearing Officer hears and decides alleged violations of Nevada Revised Statutes and the Nevada Administrative Code committed by taxicab drivers and taxicab owners. Hearings are scheduled bi-weekly.

Appeals from Hearing Officer Decisions

Whenever the Hearing Officer makes a decision in a complaint against a driver or a certificate holder, the decision can be appealed to the Taxicab Authority Board. Appeals will contain a transcript of the proceeding before the Hearing Officer, as well as any exhibits that were offered in the proceeding.