Public Records Request

Nevada Public Records Act (NRS 239) and Compliance Procedure for the Nevada Taxicab Authority

Contact Information

Requests to inspect and/or obtain copies of public records other than license history request and records of complaints must be made through the Nevada Taxicab Authority.

E-mail Address:

Mailing and Physical Address:
Nevada Taxicab Authority
Re: Public Records Request
2090 E. Flamingo Road., Suite 200
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Guidelines for Submitting a Public Records Request

  • Please Note: A Public Records staff member will confirm, via email, that a request was received within five (5) business days from the submittal date.  
  • Due to records accessibility, staff availability, and legal constraints; the Nevada Taxicab Authority may need a few days or weeks to locate and produce some records.
  • Records are not always readily accessible. Most records older than six (6) years are located at Nevada State Archives or have been destroyed pursuant to the Nevada Taxicab Authority's Record Retention Schedule.
  • Fees will be charged in accordance with the fee schedule.
  • Certain data and reports maintained by the Authority are available on the Authority's website for public viewing and/or downloading. Please search the Authority's website before submitting a formal records request.
  • The Taxicab Authority will accept Public Record Request forms submitted by mail, email, online, or in person.  Request will be assigned to an appropriate staff member who will contact you within five (5) business days about your request and/or further clarify the documents sought.
  • Please be specific in your request about the documents sought and include information such as location(s), date(s), cross streets and/or business names, Taxicab Company, or cab number(s).  This will help staff to locate your documents and expedite any records search.
  • Please provide the requestor's contact information, including email, mailing address, and phone number.  This will allow staff to contact you to schedule an appointment to inspect the documents and/or provide copies to you.
  • Agency staff will coordinate and schedule when requesters may come to the Taxicab Authority Office to inspect and/or obtain copies of requested public records.
  • The Taxicab Authority works on providing quality service and therefore will maintain communication with the requester during and until the completion of the public record request. 

    Extraordinary Request

    The Taxicab Authority will charge for extraordinary use of its personnel and/or technological resources when satisfying extraordinary public record requests.  Requesters must submit extraordinary requests in writing, and the agency must provide the requester a written estimate of the fee before preparing the requested information.    If estimated staff time exceeds one (1) hour, the requester is responsible for the staff time incurred.  Fees for staff time are in addition to fees for copying.  Estimates of costs will be provided in advance to the requester if projected costs exceed $25.00.  The Taxicab Authority will only proceed with extraordinary requests upon the requester’s authorization and full payment of the estimated cost.  The Taxicab Authority may also charge an extraordinary fee not to exceed 50 cents per page in addition to any other fee authorized pursuant to NRS chapter 239. 

    Subpoenas Duces Tecum

    Subpoenas Duces Tecum may be mailed or personally delivered to the Taxicab Authority.  The main office is open from 7:30AM to 4:30PM and located at:

    Nevada Taxicab Authority
    Re: Subpoena Duces Tecum
    2090 E. Flamingo Road, Suite 200
    Las Vegas, NV 89119