Public Record Request

Pursuant to NRS 239

This form is to be used to request all public public record documents in the legal custody or control of the Nevada Taxicab Authority.


Information with an asterisk (*) is required. Incomplete request will not be honored.
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Section A - Requester Information 

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Section B - Record(s) Requested

Describe the record(s) you are requesting. Please be as specific as possible and include enough detail to assist AGENCY staff in locating the record(s). Include relevant dates or date range. For multiple records, you will need to contact our office. *


Section C - Receiving Record(s) 

Please specify the preferred method of receiving the requested record(s). 
*Please note even if you choose to receive the records via email there will be a per page cost if the document is not available electronically.
** Special delivery - Please specify, additional charges will apply